Teddy Yarn, with its unique composition of Extrafine Merino wool, offers a fur-like tactile experience while being completely natural and environmentally friendly!

This yarn is the result of careful selection of fine fibers and precise processing that aims to create a striking visual and sensory effect.

And the best part? The presence of a small percentage of Nylon in its composition ensures greater resistance to washing, maintaining the softness and shape of the garment over time! Perfect for high-quality creations!

Teddy Yarn stands out for its softness, elasticity, and unparalleled comfort, making it ideal for garments and accessories that require a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Currently packaged on gr.50 balls and available in 18 color variations.

We can produce new colors upon request. We can also supply other types of packaging.

Made in Italy




95% Woll Merinos Extrafine
5% Nylon


Balls of gr.50/45m. about

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